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Casey Schuurman


Casey Schuurman is an independent lettering artist and designer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Why is Locker Room Important to you?

Locker Room Talk can so easily shape the way you see yourself and just as importantly, how you talk to yourself. A comment made in passing might stick with you for years to come or alter the way you feel in your own body; at times echoing self-doubts and criticisms you may already have. In any case, words have incredible power. Flipping the connotations of locker room talk, I envision an all-inclusive space that comforts, uplifts and inspires.

Is there a topic or issue that you wished we all talked about more openly?

So many come to mind, but first for me is mental health. It’s so important as something that affects every single person at some point in time, in some shape or form. I’d love to see any last remnants of stigma around this topic completely dissipate and for spaces we spend a lot of our lives in, like schools and workplaces, transform their inner workings to better support and accommodate mental health in individuals. This means going further than acknowledging the existence of mental health to talk more freely about the ebbs and flows, how we support each other through tough times and set (and respect!) boundaries.

Also, periods! Not just as women’s chat—but a topic that anyone and everyone talks about and KNOWS more about. The menstrual cycle can feel taboo and hush-hush despite it being something a good half of the general population go through every twenty-eight days (give or take). Women’s bodies should not be a mystery to themselves! I’d love to see better care given, care received, widely accessible resources and information spread freely and openly without any cringing, judgement or dismissal.

Whose work are you currently admiring?

The meaningful moments and strong simplicity of Evan M Cohen’s comics. The heart-on-sleeve, ultra-honest lettering from Eliza Svikulis. Ava Roth’s one-of-a-kind bee collaboration artworks. Carla McRae’s emotive and eternally optimistic illustrations and paintings.

What's something you'd like to see in your dream locker room?

My dream locker room is an inclusive ~zen space with heated floors and towel warmers that make it the perfect temperature at all times (I’m perpetually cold). It’s a textural haven of smooth velvets, lush tiling—you name it—all in varying shades of deep green. Bonobo is playing at just the right volume. Oh, and there’s free, sustainable sanitary products for all, forever. A girl can dream!

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