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Karen Bravo


Karen Bravo Is a multidisciplinary Afro Colombian artist, her work is feminine and self-explorative.  She uses mixed media techniques to represent black women and women of color, the shape of their bodies, their hair, and their style, highlighting their connection with nature and spirituality. She aims to empower women through her work and help them build self-acceptance and confidence. Karen has also incorporated dance into her artistic creative processes as a form of inspiration and conservation of her identity and culture.

If you had the chance, what’s something you’d like to tell your 16 year-old self?

I would tell her to be as loud, inappropriate, and funny as she could be because being shy, quiet and "nice girl" are things that you are not going to need when you turn 30 and you will regret not taking space in the world and being proud of who you are or the ideas that you had when you were younger.

What's something you'd like to see in your dream locker room?

All types of skincare products and massage oils and plants haha.  

How can we, both as individuals and as a society, help encourage body positivity?

For me, something that helps me to start feeling more confident and comfortable with my body was understanding that we are all different and beauty standards are imposed by people that don't understand that. Body positivity for me is taking control of our bodies and claiming our right to be respected and value just because we exist and not because of the way we look and how others would like us to look.

What does success look like to you?

Well, I don't really know what success is... But I have been thinking about all the things that I used to daydream and talk about when I was a child and I had at some stage honor those dreams. So success for me is staying true to yourself, keep learning and enjoining life, and making your inner child proud.

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