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Nani Puspasari


Nani Puspasari is a visual artist and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. Her multi-disciplinary practice brings together a wide range of work from visual art, installation, ceramic to the large-scale hand-painted mural. Her work is inspired by personal childhood memories, nature, popular culture, identity and notions of the feminine to communicate innocence, naivety, loss and sorrow.

Why is Locker Room Talk important to you?

The power of women supporting each other. It's never easy to share personal struggles with others. Unfortunately, women are more likely to get judged than men when experiencing or talking about mental illness, gender diversity, contraception or other taboo topics. Locker Room Talk brings us together to tell and share our stories.

Is there a topic or issue that you wished we all talked about more openly?

Mental health and sexual abuse.

What does success look like to you?

Being able to express ourselves freely without the burden of what society wants us to be.

What's something you'd like to see in your dream locker room?

A vending machine provides the solution to our problems.

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