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Pey Chi


Chronically ill ceramic artist from naarm.

Why is Locker Room Important to you?

It is allowing room for me to express a part of me that I do not overtly express through my art. I also love being part of the art community, especially here in Naarm. During covid a lot of that space for IRL community was absent, the group shows and the solo shows and the opening nights and all the fun stuff - yeah we found community elsewhere through digital spaces, but I can’t wait to be part of an IRL show again.

Is there a topic or issue that you wished we all talked about more openly?

I wish we talked about what “single” womanhood looks like - what does it mean if one of your life goals is NOT having children and NOT having a monogamous relationship, when you don’t have a biological clock ticking at you deafeningly. If you do not centre your life around cis, hetero expectations? There’s no roadmap for that, and I guess that’s really exciting and we should be excited about that?! (Turns out it’s pretty great and it means you have lots of room for self, friends, family and dogs.)

What's something you'd like to see in your dream locker room?

A diffuser.

How can we, both as individuals and as a society, help encourage body positivity?

Mmm I don’t believe in body positivity! I’m all for body neutrality baby!! My flare ups always feel like I’m in a battle with my body, SHE MAKES ME SUFFER!! But I know she’s trying her hardest to heal me up all nicely… I try to see my body as a physical vessel for my soul. She carries me through life and she sucks sometimes, so it’s safe to say that I’m all for body neutrality!! How do we encourage body positivity / neutrality?? Oooooof. Deplatform the Kardashians. Resist capitalism. Capitalism wants you to feel as insecure about yourself as possible so you consume as much as possible. Accept yourself as you are, with all the wins and all the flaws. It’s super cliche, but life is too short to let your body image control you.

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