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Pink Bits


Christine Yahya is an Armenian-Australian graphic designer and illustrator based in Sydney.

She started illustrating Pink Bits in 2016. Christine is inspired by and celebrates people and bodies in all their glory, illustrating the bits and shapes we're told & have been taught to hide. She strives to create illustrations that provide representation for the daily realities, diverse bodies and art for those who are not commonly celebrated or featured in our media-dense society.

Why is Locker Room Talk important to you?

The very words ‘Locker Room Talk’ made me shudder, and reminds me of how far we need to collectively move forward in terms of feminism, inclusivity and unlearning patriarchal bs.

This show is important to me, as it will cultivate so many important conversations that need to happen out in the open.
These conversations are crucial to our individual and collective unlearning.

Is there a topic or issue that you wished we all talked about more openly?

I wish everything was more freely spoken about. Everything from mental health, to discrimination, sex & pleasure, sexuality, mundanity & loneliness, our bodies & experiences.

I wish we could speak about big and small topics more openly, without judgement, without stigma and without defensiveness. These barriers only propel people to live in fear behind closed doors (or locker room doors)

I wish we all learned communication skills & emotional intelligence in our education systems, to help foster a more communicative & emotionally engaged society.

If you had the chance, what’s something you’d like to tell your 16 year-old self?

Who you’re desperately trying to be, was designed by someone else. You never consciously chose this.
Your precious time should be spent pursuing what you love & learning about who you are.
You are not alive to please or pleasure others. Your purpose is not to become who they perceive you to be, or to become what they personally desire.

What does success look like to you?

In my personal life, success looks like being peacefully present.
Feeling peace & present within my body, in my life, in my mental health and relationships. It’s pure & simple enjoyment, living authentically, honouring my needs and going with the flow.

In my creative life, success looks like impact. Success looks like cultivating conversations, and helping others + myself unlearn.
It involves my artwork touching others and entering their digital or physical spaces. Success looks like disrupting small-minded & non-inclusive digital spaces.

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