Carla Scotto

The Maculate Contraception

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I grew up with religious imagery in Greek Orthodox churches, throughout reference images while learning oil painting, and whilst studying Renaissance history and briefly theology at uni. Like many who have grown up surrounded by religion, I don’t retain any beliefs, rather the culture that surrounds Orthodoxy - and the aesthetics that followed me into my design-art fusion career. Being the spiteful (not spiritual) person I am, I relish the thought that if a 13 year old Mary had been given the option of birth control, our history would have been forever changed. Birth is powerful, the decision to do or don’t changes the world forever. This piece is called the Maculate Contraception - in the age of questioning the contents of vaccines we can look to the decades upon decades of people being given the imperfect pill despite the essay-long pamphlet of warnings and side effects. Shout-out to my GP who disapproved of my coming off the pill, and to quote them “better to be sad than pregnant.” Visual description: This acrylic painting features the “Virgin” Mary with her head tilted to one side, posing with a pill packet in her red manicured fingers. Her ears are adorned with big chunky crucifix earrings, and in her other hand where one would normally see a baby, she is making the sign of the horns with her hands. The background is filled with purple and pink stripes, and she is surrounded by orange and yellow flames. This is a Mary who never had to birth a son, and one whose imagery is holy but hardcore too.
Artwork one of two in a series.
Acrylic on canvas, framed.
65 x 49cm
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Meet the artist
Carla Scotto
Carla is a Naarm-based Illustrator, designer, and 2D animator who started off creating anti plastic propaganda in 2015 but her biggest contribution to society is probably her Always Was Always Will Be design which will never be topped.
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