Elin Matilda Andersson

Resting Bitchface

People with uteruses who are reluctant to conform to patriarchal society's wish that they be quietly compliant, sweet-smiling creatures, have since the age of Aristotle been accused of “hysteria”, in various forms. Women who speak up against injustice are emotional, shrill, crazy and probably on their period. Why don't you smile more? You're prettier when you smile. After spending years of our lives finely tuned to social discomfort and concerned about pleasing others, doubting and blaming ourselves, apologising and shuffling to the back — as we have been taught — I believe that daring to be angry can be wonderfully cathartic. (‘Cause girl, do we have lots to be angry about.) Learning to shift the blame to where it belongs, to the perpetrator or an unjust system; breaking social norms; and to speak up, is not easy. My contribution to Locker Room Talk is a homage to all the loud, angry women out there who re-write the rules and make the rest of us feel a little braver. All profits donated to WAGEC: Women's & Girls' Emergency Centre Please note: There is a small crack in the left shoulder.
Artwork is 1 of 3 in a series.
Stoneware ceramic, glazed
7 x 12 x 16cm
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Meet the artist
Elin Matilda Andersson
Elin Matilda Andersson is a Swedish-Australian illustrator, designer and artist based in Dharawal Country on the NSW South Coast. She creates colourful hand-drawn illustrations by mixing ink brush drawings, paper cut-outs and digital processes. Elin likes to work with people who do good things, and is represented commercially by The Jacky Winter Group in Australia, NZ and USA. Elin lives in the midst of the beautiful Australian bush with her partner, 1.5yo daughter and toy cavoodle named Party. Apart from illustrating she is into dogs, feminism and wine.
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