Moonshine Madness


Flowers - The sexual organs of our flowering plants: delicate and fragile, sexy, deceptive, violent, forever evolving. Never underestime a wallflower
Digital Print on Cotton
47 x 33.5cm
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Meet the artist
Moonshine Madness
Mel's been a freelance artist, designer and illustrator for fifteen years and has recently become an author of her first book on Wildflowers. She lives and works in a wood cabin, on a mountain, surrounded by the splendid flora and fauna of Turrbal Country, Queensland. Nature and the Australian bush are what inspire her most. Her illustration style is reminiscent of botanical art gelled together with the nostalgia of retro textile designs. With a big love of textiles, she prints most her designs onto fabric which get turned into tea towels by her talented mum. She's extremely passionate about handmade products that don't leave a heavy footprint, that bring beauty into a lifetime and that leave this world as softly as they entered.
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