Pink Bits / Christine Yahya

Fridge Fluorescents

Let’s bring mental health into the fluorescent fridge light to discuss! A challenging time with your Mental health can look like a smile, it can look like an open door, it can sound like (forced) laughter, it can look like sitting slumped in front of your fridge during a pandemic. Visual Description: A person sits upon their checkered vinyl kitchen floor, their elbow resting on their knee, their hand cradling their temple. They sit within the open doorway of their fridge, being lit by the weak fluorescent light behind them. This is a still moment amongst their condiments and expiring fridge goods. A moment of emotional exhaustion. Their edible items of sustenance have been renamed to capture their inner anxious dialogue. Their groceries include: Organic stress almond milk ‘Maple tears’ Canadian Syrup Mindz Mustard
Mixed media. Giclee print on cotton rag, 310gsm, framed.
75 x 58cm
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Meet the artist
Pink Bits / Christine Yahya
Christine Yahya is an Armenian-Australian graphic designer and illustrator based in Sydney. ‍ She started illustrating Pink Bits in 2016. Christine is inspired by and celebrates people and bodies in all their glory, illustrating the bits and shapes we're told & have been taught to hide. She strives to create illustrations that provide representation for the daily realities, diverse bodies and art for those who are not commonly celebrated or featured in our media-dense society.
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