Nani Puspasari

Colony Life

This series tells stories about gender equality; women face a persistent gap in access to opportunities in most aspects of life. The fate of female bees inspires this series of ceramics. Worker bees are all female. The queen bee is the only female bee in the hive that gets to reproduce. The male bee's only job is to spread the genes of their colony. They leave the territory every day in search of potential new queens looking to mate.
Part of a 2 part series of 3
hand-built stoneware ceramic
16cm W x 10cm H x 10cm D
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Meet the artist
Nani Puspasari
Nani Puspasari is a visual artist and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. Her multi-disciplinary practice brings together a wide range of work from visual art, installation, ceramic to the large-scale hand-painted mural. Her work is inspired by personal childhood memories, nature, popular culture, identity and notions of the feminine to communicate innocence, naivety, loss and sorrow.
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