Tegan Iversen

don't run away again, it's okay

I'm trying to learn better ways to deal with my anxiety. 'don't run away again, it's okay' refers specifically to my social anxiety which puts me in a state of fear, leading to my "fight or flight" response kicking in- I tend to go with flight. I have started seeing a new Pyschologist, it's very exciting but also quite scary. I've learnt new breathing techniques which I try to practise daily. The animals & insects in this painting refer to different parts of my anxiety- butterflies (like in my stomach), a snake who hides & slithers away (me when I'm anxious), a bird (who can fly- my "flight" mode), & of course the aardvark, a typically shy creature, (much like myself). This painting features my stress as well as the calm words I repeat to myself & need to remember when I get in a state. 'don't run away again, it's okay' is painted using colourful, acrylic paint on paper & is shown in a wooden frame handmade by my nice, supportive boyfriend Alexander & his dedo, Peter.
Acrylic and marker on paper, framed.
63 x 46cm
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Meet the artist
Tegan Iversen
Tegan Iversen is an Essendon based twenty-something-year-old artist & illustrator who creates colourful, fun & honest visual art. Inspired by this strange world we live in, Tegan's work often depicts imagery of food, flowers & feelings & is created through drawing, painting & digital techniques. Tegan has a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, Visual Art from the Victorian College of the Arts & currently co-runs Gems, a collective who create opportunities for women & non-binary people.
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